Chocolates Katha...

We started with the goal of providing unique gifts & handmade delicious chocolates that are inspired and created according to your requirement. We are a socially conscious gourmet company that empowers consumers to feel good about the indulgences they enjoy. FSSAI Food Lic. No.: 21519104000662

Behind the Katha...

Parul Mistry

Kalpesh Mistry

We have a strong team that gives you the best as per your requirements. They bring your innermost feelings and emotions on the wrapper which is wrapped on your make to order delicious chocolates.

The founder, Mrs. Parul (D.ed, B.A) a professional teacher and expert in making baking products.

The founder, Mr. Kalpesh (B.F.A.) a creative graphic designer, design the wrapper for every occasion perfect for gifting.

Our Innovative Chocolate Boxes

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